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to have an i.r.s. and i love arthur laffer, reagan's economic advisor, he said, you don't have to have the i.r.s. do away with it. the problem with the i.r.s. is of course they're going to get arrogant because they pick who they're going to audit, just like we've seen with all these abuses, they put -- they pick what all they are going to audit, just as we've been hearing, they get so intrusive, so personal, and then they decide what your punishment is going to be. there's no other area in america, and i sure don't think the -- think the founders anticipated that the i.r.s. or any entity would exist that could be the prosecutor, the judge, the jury, and the executioner all. and that's why arthur laffer says, you need to get rid of the i.r.s. and have an auditing agency that's a fraction of the size of the i.r.s., they don't get to pick who they audit, that's done completely at random they never get to pick who they audit, and they never get to decide what their auditing -- what will be done with their auditing. it has to be passed on to justice or the collection of the taxes if they ha
don't remember who else was around to come back. mamie eisenhower and bess truman. >> and lou hoover? >> no. lou hoover was dead in '44. but i know that the johnsons went to the trumans in independence because that's where they signed the medicare act. and certainly there's a picture of them all there. but i don't remember anything about -- they did confer with the eisenhowers about how to give the ranch to the nation, which is what the eisenhowers had done with the gettysburg farm. but i don't remember having any luncheons for former first ladies. >> early in their marriage lyndon johnson gave lady bird a movie camera, and there are many hours of what are really family home movies that are now recorded and accessible to historians and other researchers at the lyndon johnson library. we're going to see one of those next. it is from the 1941 special election. >> son-in-law. that had ensued, went all over texas. a night rally. some of the gestures have persisted through the years. weight was not his problem then. sometimes he'd sweat down three or four suits a day. over on the right, t
. in washington, people don't realize this beautiful city we live in is much more beautiful because of her and mary lasker wonderfulend was a philanthropist. this profusion of flowers and trees and the fact that you just come into the city and are greeted by total beauty is a result of her having been here. >> this was a complement to lyndon johnson's great society programs or was it an independent campaign? >> it was a little of both. i think it was required of every first lady since her, what would be her project. michelle obama was asked that even before the nomination. it was a complement to society and also uniquely hers. >> but the first ladies who have succeeded her, did you see both michelle obama and laura bush i thinkh quoted her. that's what betty was saying. she took a while and she had that big landslide. she was no longer the air to the to the job. she said i have a pulpit and i have to use it to do good. they took those words and follow them very consciously, quoting her. >> and remember that she continued that work after the beautification, if we want to use a terrible term
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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